Operation Brevity

Started August 2010, completed February 2011

Current players

Allies: Tod, Brian H, Tyler, Vince, Jay, Duncan M
Axis: Jeff, Bernhard, Stan, Michael, Duncan A

Round 1 results

Round 2 results

Round 3 results

Victory Points

At end of Round 4 and of the Campaign:

Allies: 0
Axis: 60

Round 4 Battles

Number From To Attacker Allied Firestorm Axis Firestorm Terrain type Axis Player Allied Player Result
1 A3 Bardia* Axis Matilda None Town Duncan A Brian 4-3 Allied Victory
2 E4 Halfaya Pass Allies Matilda, Artillery Heavy anti-air, Bersaglieri Ridge Michael Brian Axis Victory
3 B4 Bardia** Axis None Tank Town Duncan A Duncan M Axis Victory
4 E1 Sidi Omar Allies Pioneer Pioneer, Anti-tank Bad going Jeff Tod Axis Victory

*Morale increased one level due to out of supply
** Morale reduced one level due to out of supply


Description of Map Locations

Rules Notes

  1. The Campaign will use the Flames of War Firestorm rules except: as modified below, as modified by common sense, or as modified by direction of the Gamemaster.
  2. There will be 4 campaign turns.
  3. The number of battles will be determined by the availability of players to fight battles. On each designated club campaign day, players from opposing, or deputized to opposing sides, will be paired off as they arrive. Each pair will then determine initiative as per rule 5 below. The winner of the initiative will decide where to attack from and where to attack to. Each side will then add a maximum of two Firestorm elements to their force, from elements available in the areas attacked from or to, and for which the miniatures are available at the time of selection. The winner of initiative will be considered the attacker for the battle as per the scenario design.
  4. Players can also get together to fight battles other than on the campaign club day. They will determine initiative as per rule 5, and follow the rest of the battle procedure as per rule 3 and normal Firestorm rules. The Gamemaster may establish a ceiling for the total number of battles that can be fought in a campaign turn.
  5. The Commonwealth commanders have the initiative for the first three battles of the first campaign turn. For the remainder of the campaign, each player will roll a d6, with the high roll having the initiative. For battles in the first campaign turn after the first three, the Commonwealth commanders will receive +1 on their initiative die roll.
  6. Battles will be considered resolved in the sequence that they finish, with any associated consequences for other battles starting or finishing later.
  7. Firestorm elements can only be used once per campaign turn. Once used, they will be marked with a red outline on the map until the beginning of the next campaign turn. They can still be moved forward as normal.
  8. Base force size for all rounds is 1500 points, modified per supply rules and Firestorm units as normal.
  9. The Gamemaster may designate the scenario and/or terrain for particular battles.
  10. Supply routes on the Operation Brevity map are treated as rail lines. Note that an attacker is in supply if he attacks from a map node that is in supply. The defender is in supply if the map node he is defending is in supply. Pioneer Firestorm elements extend supply as per the normal Firestorm rules.
  11. There is no Partizan and Polizei activity.
  12. Capture of Firestorm troops does not provide victory points, it only results in their permanent removal from the game.
  13. For the nodes marked as Italian, the Axis forces defending in these nodes or attacking from them must be Italian, until they are captured by Commonwealth forces for the first time.  If recaptured by the Axis, they are no longer considered Italian-specific.
  14. For the Exploitation, Reinforcements and Strategic Moves steps of the Strategic Phase, the Commonwealth General moves first. Each side may make one exploitation move during the Exploitation step.

Scenario Table

Terrain 1 2 3 4 5 6
Open Free for all Free for all Encounter Encounter Breakthrough Cauldron
Ridge Free for all Encounter Breakthrough Hold the line Fighting withdrawal Cauldron
Bad going Free for all Encounter Encounter Breakthrough Hold the line Cauldron
Town Free for all Cauldron Hold the line Trench fight Big push Not one step back

Description of Firestorm elements

Army List Notes:

Army lists for Allied and Axis forces can be found in the Files section of the OMGCampaign Yahoo Group. They are modified as follows:

British lists

ANZAC lists: Only Australian Divisional Cavalry permitted

Italian lists: No Africa Orientale Italiana or Alpini options permitted

German lists:

Commonwealth equipment not permitted:

Italian equipment not permitted:

German equipment not permitted:

Firestorm only