Round 3 results

Number From To Attacker Allied Firestorm Axis Firestorm Terrain type Axis Player Allied Player Result
1 E5 Halfaya Pass Allies Matilda, Artillery Anti-tank Ridge Jeff Tod 6-1 Allied Victory
2 B4 Bardia Axis Matilda Tank, Tank-hunter Town Bernhard Brian 3(Allies)-2(Axis) Tie
3 E3 Halfaya Pass Axis None Bersaglieri Ridge Michael Brian 5-2 Axis Victory
4 Musaid Sollum* Allies Matilda, Artillery** Artillery Town Jeff Vince 0(Allies)-2(Axis) Tie
5 Fort Capuzzo Musaid Axis None Aircraft, Heavy anti-air Town Duncan A Tod 4-3 Axis Victory

*Morale reduced due to out of supply.
**Firestorm units eliminated due to unable to retreat