Concluded - Allied victory

Turn 4 map

All firestorm troops can be found on page 20 to 24 in the following PDF.

Campaign PDF

The base Armies are 1000 points plus Firestorm troops.

The missions will be based on what you roll as per a normal FOW game. (page 256 of the FOW rule book)

Turn 1 Turn 2 Turn 3 Turn 4 Turn 5

Allies had 210 victory points at this point in the game. The Allied had won the initiative for all 8 attacks and therefor the Axis had no way to reclaim any points. The conclusion of the Caen Firestorm campaign is an Allied Strategic Victory. Instead of playing turn 5 it was decided to play a total war game with 1000 points per player. There were a total of 5 players on each side. The Allies were represented by Mike, Serge, Francis, John, and Good Duncan and the Axis were represented by Jeff, Tod, Vince, Bernard, and Lev. The outcome was a 17 to 10 point victory for the Allies after 5 turns.

The end result of the campaign was 22 games played and 3 games rolled by the Generals. Axis had 10 wins and Allies had 15 wins.