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Turn 3

Turn 3 map

All firestorm troops can be found on page 20 to 24 in the following PDF.

Campaign PDF

The base Armies are 1000 points plus Firestorm troops.

The missions will be based on what you roll as per a normal FOW game. (page 256 of the FOW rule book)



At the end of turn three the Axis player has to remove Panzer Lehr, 2 SS Panzerdivision, and 2 Panzerdivision.

The next stage is the set-up for turn 4. Mike rolled for the amount of battles. He rolled a 5, so we will play eight battles. Next both Generals rolled for the initiative of the eight battles. Mike rolled for the Allies and Tod for the Axis. The Allies are still doing great planning because they won all the initiatives. So the Allies will be doing 8 attacks.

All is not lost but the Axis must win more games if they do not want to lose the campaign. Right now the Axis control 40 more VP then the Allies.

Turn 4 is Operation Charnwood. Historically it occurred on 8-9 July 1944.

Turn 3 end map