Ottawa Miniatures Gamers

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Map to the club

The Ottawa Miniatures Games is a group of miniatures wargames enthusiasts who meet on the first Sunday and third Friday of every month at Westboro Masonic Hall, 430 Churchill Ave.

The OMG would like to express our deepest thanks to the Hobby Centre who were our most gracious previous hosts


How to find us

We start at 10:30AM on Sundays, 7:30 PM on Fridays. Most meetings are the first Sunday and third Friday. If there is a site conflict or a holiday in which case they will be moved to other weeks day (i.e. Sundays to Fridays and vice versa). For more information contact Tod Creasey.

Current Schedule

Note that OMG will do it's best to include anyone who is interested so ask a question on the yahoogroup if you want to play and aren't sure about something.