Point value without Firestorm troops. 1250

Books you can use. Atlantik Wall, Overlord, Blood Guts and Glory.

PDFs that you can use. 17 SS-Panzergrenadier Division and French 2eme Division Blindé.

The Allies should field Americans, but I have no issues if you field British, French, or whatever. If it comes from the PDFs or Books above.

The German have no air power and can not field a fortified platoon. However even if the Allies have air power there will be a roll for weather.

Before the battle the German player rolls for weather and this will affect the availability of the Aircraft during the game. If you choose Air Support you must roll on the Weather Effects Table before battle starts. You only need to do this if there are Aircraft present including AOP Observers and Bazooka Charlie. Remember too that aircraft do not fly if it is night. The weather table is in the Lorraine PDF.

There is only one type of terrain in Firestorm-Lorraine. You should have wooded areas, hills and small towns and farms. Only where a border between areas crosses the Moselle is this different. Crossing the Moselle was an important objective for the Allies and the river offered a number of crossing points but also allowed for a good defence. In battles into areas where you must cross the Moselle a river should be set up in no man’s land with suitable crossing points. (i.e one crossing point for every 24 inches of river)

There are three turns to this campaign. The first two turns the Allies will get +1 on initiative rolls. The last turn the Germans get +1 on initiative rolls.

The first turn will most likely see plenty of river crossings as all allied attacks must be across the Moselle, against Luxembourg or to recapture lost territory.

Info for Firestorm troops can be found on page 16, 17, and 18 of the Lorraine Campaign PDF.

Turn 3

Turn 2

Turn 1

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