Market Garden


British: Duncan M, John, Brian, Jules, Peter
American: Bernhard, Duncan A, Michael
Germans: Tod, Jeff, Nick, Reg, Vince, Stan

Permitted lists

List restrictions

Turn 1 battles

Allies drop on Dz-N and Dz-Y.

Turn 2 battles

Number From To Attacker Allied Firestorm German Firestorm Terrain type Allied Player German Player Result
1 Eindhoven Helmond Bridge Allies Sexton, Mountain None Bridge Duncan Jeff 6-1 (allied victory)
2 Ede Road DZ-Y German British Paras King Tiger (rolled a 5), Panzer IV Open Brian Tod 4-3 Axis victory (UK para firestorm lost)
3 VIII Corps Staging Area Turnhout Bridge Allied Sherman, 5.5" gun None Bridge Mike Nick 4-3 Allies(Allies lost 5.5" gun)
4 Duerne Helmond Bridge German None 88mm gun Bridge Vince Cancelled due to Victory in Battle 6
5 VIII Corps Staging Area Weert Road Allied None Fallschirmjaegers Road Duncan A Tod 5-2 Allies (allies lose artillery and Sherman Firestorm)
6 Helmond Bridge Geweert Road Allied None None Road John Jeff 4-3 Germans
7 Son Bridge Veghel Bridge Allied 2 Shermans King Tiger, Panthers Bridge Duncan A Vince 5-2 Allied
8 Weert Road Helmond Bridge Allied Sherman, Sexton Bridge defenses Bridge
9 Wyler Road Grosbeek Heights Allied US Para 88s Hills Bernhard Jeff 5-2 Allied
10 German
11 Duerne Weert Road Allied None 88s Road Mike Stan 4-3 Allied

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