October 30, 1813

The battle of Hanau was an attempt by the Austrians under Fresnel and thier new Bavarian allies to destroy an isolated column of the retreating French army who had just suffered massive losses at Leipzig a few days before as they retired on Framkfurt. The force retiring towards Frankfurt was not only tattered remnants of regular French corps but the full wait of the largely intact Imperial Guard as well.

On the night of the 29th of October the French army formed up north-east of the map depicted here to face the allies arrayed outside of Hanau. What resulted was a defeat of the over confident allies and a successful retreat of the French army back to France to allow for a rebuilding for the 1814 campaign.

This scenario shows two sizes of map. The one in the inner box is the full scale map, the other the condensed (2/3) scale map. The table size is 8' x 5'.

Weather is Normal. Length is 8 turns.

There are four location for victory points - the western road exits, the Rückingen bridge, the Kinzig bridge and the Lamboy bridge. The winner is the side that controls the most points. Should both sides control two the side with the Kinzig bridge wins.



Standard Condensed
Macdonald North of Rückingen road North of Rückingen
Sebastini: South of Rückingen road South of Rückingen
Oudinot Rückingen road Rückingen
Old Guard Puppen Forest West of Macdonald
Sorbier In column on Rückingen road behind Oudinot In column on Rückingen road behind Oudinot
Sorbier In column on Rückingen road behind Sorbier In column on Rückingen road behind Sorbier

Austro- Bavarian

Bavarians: South of the Kinzig

Austrians: North of the Kinzig to the Bruchköbler Forest

Either force may detach troops to the defense of Hanau.

Orders of Battle


Cin C Napoleon I (Great)

Advanced Guard (Macdonald) 3/5"

AG/1 XI Corps Conscript 8SP Sk1

AG/2 V Corps Conscript MX 5SP SK1

AG/3 Lefevre-Desnouettes (Young Guard) Elite 8SP

2nd Cavalry Corps (Sebastini) 3/6"

2nd Division (d"Hurbal)

2C/1 Domanget (Lancers, Artillery and Chasseurs) Trained 6SP

2C/2 Lagrange (Hussars and Lancers) Veteran 5SP

4th Division (Exelmans)

2C/3 Maurin (Lancers, Artillery and Chasseurs) Light Cavalry Trained 6SP

2C/4 Wathier (Hussars and Chasseurs) Light Cavalry Veteran 5SP

2nd Heavy Division (Saint-Germain)

2C/5 d'Hugerauville Heavy Cavalry Elite 7SP

2C/6 Thiry Elite Heavy Cavalry 6SP

Centre( Oudinot) 3/8" Valour, Aggressive

O/1 II Corps (Westphalian) Conscript 5SP SK1

O/2 III Corps Conscript MX 5SP SK1

O/3 VI Corps Conscript MX 5SP SK1

O/4 IV Corps Conscript 5SP SK 1

O/5 Durutte Conscript 5SP SK1

Imperial Guard Infantry (Drout) 2/5"

IGI/1 Cristiani (Chasseurs) Guard 10 SP

IGI/3 Michel (Grenadiers) Guard 10 SP

IGI/3 Rousseau (Fusiliers and Velites) Elite 11SP 

Imperial Guard Cavalry (Nansouty) 3/6"

IGC1 Orano (Lancers and Young Guard Dragoons) Guard 11 SP

IGC2 Lyon (Lancers, Gardes d'Honneur) Guard 6SP

IGC3 Letort (Empress Dragoons, Gardes d'Honneur) Guard 8SP

IGC4 Laferriere (Grenadiers, Chasseurs and Gardes d'Honneur) Guard 9SP

Artillery Park Sorbier 3/6"

A1 6# foot battery

A2 6# foot battery

A3 6# foot battery

A4 6# horse battery

A5 6# horse battery

A6 6# horse battery

Rear Mortier 3/6"

R/1 III Cavalry Corps Trained 5SP 

R/2 Young Guard Cavalry Ligth Cavalry 6SP

R/3 1st Cavalry Corps Light Cavalry Trained 7SP

R/4 Young Guard 12#

R/5 Young Guard 12#


Austrians Fresnel (Average)

1st Division (Bach ) 3/3"

1/1 Hardegg (Jaegers, Grenz) Trained 7SP A

1/2 IR Rudolph 9SP TrainedSK1 A

1/3 IR Jordis 9SP Trained SK1 A

2nd Division Trautenberg 3/3"

2/1 Diemar (Grenadiers) Elite 11 SP SK1

2/2 Moese and Puteany Grenadiers 8SP SK1

2/3 Possman and Lanyi Grenadiers 8SP K1

Cavalry (Spleny) 3/2"

C/1 Tillon (Hussars) Elite 9SP

C/2 Sprethy (Dragoons, Uhlans, Cuirassiers) Veteran 11SP

Reserve Artillery (Stwrtnick) 4/3"

A/1 1 12# battery

A/2 6#battery

A/3 6#battery

Bavarians Wrede (Average)

2nd Division (Beckers) 4/4"

B2/1 Pappenheim Conscript 8SP SK1 A

B2/2 Zollern Conscript 8SP SK1 A

B2/3 6# foot battery

B2/4 6# horse battery

3rd Division Lamotte 3/5"

B3/1 Stockh 7SP Conscript SK1 A

B3/2 Deroy Conscript 8SP SK1 A

B3/3 6# foot battery

B3/4 6# horse battery

B3/5 Elbracht and Dietz 5SP

Reserve (Ulmer) 4/3"

BR/1 12# battery

BR/2 12# battery

BR/3 Bieregg (Chevaeulegers) 5SP

Raiding Corps (Mensdorf 4/2")

RC/1 Cossacks 4SP Sk2

RC/2 Austrian cavalry 4SP