October 14,1806

The battle of Auerstadt was a remarkable defense by Davout against the bulk of the Prussian army. This scenario allows for a late arrival of Bernadotte if you are using the optional campaign rules. If using the scenario alone Bernadotte should be left out.


The map shows both standard and condensed (2/3)scale. If condensed layout is used use the map. If the standard layout is used all divisions except Bluchers arrive turn one. Bluchers division will arrive turn 2.


C in C Davout (Great) III Corps

1st Division Morand 2/3"

2nd Division Friant 2/4.5"

3rd Division Gudin 2/3"

Cavalry Viallannes 2/1.5"

Artillery Reserve Hannicque 2/3"


C in C Brunswick (Poor)

Avantgarde von Blucher 2/5" Aggressive

Left Wing von Scharnhorst 3/6" Cautious

Centre von Wartensleben 3/5"

Right Wing Wilhelm, Prince of Orange 4/6" Cautious

Reserve Wing von Kalkreuth (Average)

1st Division von Kuhnheim 3/7" Cautious

2nd Division von Arnim 3/4" Cautious


The map shows both standard and condensed (2/3)scale. If condensed layout is used use the map. If the standard layout is used Hohenlohe and Ruchel will arrive turn 2.


C in C Napoleon (Great)

Imperial Guard Infantry Lefebvre 3/5" Valourous

Imperial Guard Cavalry Bessieres 2/3"

IV Corps Soult 2/6"

V Corps Lannes 1/6" Valour

V Corps Ney 3/3" Valour,Aggressive

VII Corps Augereau 3/4" Valour

Reserve Cavalry Murat 4/4.5" Valour,Aggressive


C in C Prince Hohenlohe-Ingelfingen (Poor)

Avantgarde von Grawert 3/4"

Left (Saxon) Wing von Zechwitz 3/6"

Left Flank Guard von Tauentzein 3/3"

Right Wing von Grawert 3/7"

Reserve von Prittwitz 3/4"

von Rüchel's Corps von Rüchel 3/4"

Optional Bernadotte Rules

For players who enjoy the what ifs of a campaign here is a simple campaign to determine if Bernadotte is present and what ffect he has on the Prussians during the game

The first question is about the battle of Schliez where Berndotte was engaged on the 9th. The Prussians can choose to stand and fight and the French can chose to engage or persue the Prussians

If both choose to engage delay Bernadotte for 2 turns. If the Prussians retire but the French fight delay Bernadotte for 3 turns. If the Prussian engage but the French avoid delay Bernadotte for 1 turn. If neither engage add a strength point to von Zweiffel's command

Once the delay has been determined decide if Bernadotte marches to the guns or follows orders. If he marches to the guns he arrives on the south road at Auerstadt on turn 3 plus whatever delay he has from above. If he follows orders he arrives on the north road of the Jena map on turn 3 plus delay.

I Corps Bernadotte 4/3" cautious