25 September, 1799

The battle of Zürich was the end of the Russian ambitions in Switzerland, undoing all of the great victories Suvarov had broght to the allies earlier in the year and occuring so late in the year that the snowy disaster of the Russian retreat through the alps that cemented the survival of the French republic.

Suvarov had yet to arrive with his combined force to assist Rimsky Korsalkov who had strung his army out along the Limmate river relying on having blown the bridges to prevent the French crossings. However this did not deter Massena who had arrived with 2 bridging trains and defeated the Russians piecemeal.

Note that this is a large (12') table in full scale required to play this game. Should you need to reduce the size of the table it is recommended that you remove space from the left hand side.

Game parameters

Russian deployment

French deployment


Rimsky - Korsakov (C in C) Poor

Gorchakov 3/6"

Durasov 4/4"

Sacken 3/2"

Gudovich 3/4"


Massena (C in C) Great

4th Division Mortier 2/5" (Valour,Aggressive)

5th Division Lorge 3/9"

6th Division Ménard 3/4"

Reserve Division Klein 3/2"