Bailen, 19 July, 1808

Bailen was the first significant loss of the Grande Armee and a significant blow to the prestige of the French. The disordered deployment of the French and constant marching back and forth of Vedel gave the Spanish the opportunity to split the Frencg forces. This scenario starts after Vedel has left Bailen to the Spanish and retired to La Carolina. The possible attack to the rear of the French by Vedel and the Spanish under La Pena is not covered here for the sake of simplicity.

Special scenario rule: On any turn that the Spanish are within a move of Schram's brigade the two generals roll a dice against each other. If the Spanish player rolls higher than the French Schram's brigade rejoins the Spanish



2nd Corps d'Observation, Dupont

1st Division (Barbeau)

Chabert's Brigade Pannetier's Brigade Schram's Brigade (formerly in Spanish service)

Light Cavalry Division (Fresia)

Prive's Brigade Dupre's Brigade

Artillery Park


Conde Francisco Xavier Castanos

1st Infantry Division (Reding - Decisive)

1st Cavalry Division

2nd Infantry Division (Coupigny)

2nd Cavalry Division