Sumeria to Rome DBA tournament

The "Sumeria to Rome" tournament is one where you bring a different army to each round that is a geographical successor of the previous one.

Each round we try and do a different army. You get as many elements as allies in the next round as you got points in the previous. So if you win 4-2 you get 4 allied stands and your opponents gets 2.

The allies are from an army that was played in the first round that was geographically plausible (if possible). This of course can be relaxed based on what your club has available. And some Some armies (like Classical Indians) show up as many as 3 anyways.

The rounds are as follows:

Some suggested combinations

Location Dawn of Civilization up to 1500BC Biblicals 1500BC - 500 BC Classicals 500BC - 0 AD Fall of Rome 0 AD - 497AD
Egypt I/2 Early Egyptian I/38 New Kingdom Egyptian II/20 Ptolemaic II/84 African Vandal
Mesopotamia I/5 Early Susiana and Elam I/44 Neo-Babylonian II/7 Later Achamenid Persian II/37 Parthian
India I/10 Pre-Vedic Indian I/23 Vedic Indian II/3 Classical Indian II/3 Classical Indian
Aegean I/18 Minoan I/30 Dark Age and Geometric Greek II/5 Later Hoplite Greek II/19 Seleucid