Rise of the Great Khan

A DBA campaign for the rise of the Mongols.

This is a twist on the base DBA tourney in the DBA rulebook. Players are either Mongol leaders or leaders of the states next to them. The goal of the Mongols is to control the most tribes and to raze the cities of the other peoples. The other peoples goal is to stay intact and exert control over thier neighbours and thier Mongol neighbours. All rules in the DBA campaign rules apply with the exceptions noted below. Mongol powers with no players will either act defensively or may be ignored if the players wish. Non-Mongol powers will always fight defensively.

Razing cities

A city may be razed for one 1 prestige point by a Mongol player. It requires one of the players move points to do so. The city remains intact but cannot be used to generate troops from the reserve by the owning player unless it is a capital city  and all seiges against it are automatically successful. An city can be razed once in a game.

Control of Mongol players

If a Mongol player becomes the tributary of another Mongol the overlord  immediately gain 2 points for each of thier enemies cities. If a Mongol player becomes the tributary of a non Mongol they immediately lose 2 points for each tribe that they currently control.

Mongols get no points for non-Mongol cities under thier control at the end of the game.


There are 3 walls in the game representing the great walls. A player trying to cross these walls without permission must attempt to beseige them first as in the DBA rules. The controller of the walls cannot garrison them.

There are 3 walls on the map

Mongol players.

All Mongols use the Tribal Mongolian list (III/44): 1x3Cv(Gen) 1x3Cv,10x2LH


Non Mongol Players

Kara Khitai

Hsi Hsia