Crossing the Dvina, Riga 1702

Riga is an assault river crossing by the Swedes and so they have minimal cavalry support at first. The Saxons and Russians are spread out along the river line and so only some will be available. In the real battle the Swedes arrived in a series of 'waves'. The first 'wave' brushed aside the small Saxon force near the landing point and then the Saxons/Russians mounted a series of assaults to dilodge them. With extra forces arriving on both sides as time went on. The Swedes were covering a ponton bridge that was being set up by them for the rest of the army to use. The Saxon/Russians didn't manage to defeat the covering force and once the bridge had been built they withdrew. This scenario covers only the crossing and securing of the bridgehead at Riga so the majority of the forces present are not represented.


The map is 28 BW deep and 23 BW wide (170 cm x 140 cm for a 60mm base). Swedes start deployed on either side of the pontoon bridge and the Saxons and Russians as shown. The Swedish second wave arrives at a location of the Swedes choice along the river on turn 2.

There are four sections to the bridge. Starting on turn 3 a section may be added to the bridge if the Swedes roll 4 or
higher on a d6. When the bridge is complete the Swedes can start sending the cavalry across.

The game ends on turn 10. The winner is the one who controls the crossing point.

Historically the Swedes set fire to the local brush to cover the crossing of the second wave, Should the Swedes do this in the game the second wave will be placed at the beginning of turn 2 without any indication of thier location to the allies. Should the fires not be set the allies will be informed of the intended deployment zone in turn 1. However setting the fires will prevent the Swedish gunboats from firing on the allies.

At the end of each Swedish turn roll a d6 for each 3BW section of river. Should a 6 be rolled the smoke will dissapate in that section

Order of Battle


CinC Charles XII (Ex 6, CinC, Monarch)

First wave

1st Brigade Life Guards

2nd Brigade

Light Gun

Second wave

3rd Brigade

4th Brigade

5th Brigade

Light Gun

Fire Support


4 brigades of 4 stands of Trained, Determined Galloping Horse


CinC Steinau (Av 2)

1st Brigade

2nd Brigade

3rd Brigade

Cavalry Commander: Weiss (Av1) (actual name unknown)

4th Brigade

5th Brigade

6th Brigade

7th Brigade

Wing Commander: Patkull (Ex 3)

8th Brigade

9th Brigade

10th brigade

Russians Repnin (P 2)

11th Brigade

12th Brigade