Hattin, July 4, 1187


Special Rules

· The Templars will not break unless the King or Gerard de Ridefort is dead or the baggage has been overrun (all elements destroyed). When either of them die or the baggage is gone they break as normal.

· Crusader baggage is mobile.

· Crusaders set up behind Turan between the two hills

· The brush is very dry and flammable. Any foot may stand may spend one pip to set the brush on fire. Once on fire the fire spreads 6" per turn and becomes an uncrossable obstacle. Acts like fog for firing effects.

· All brush counts as difficult going and blocks line of sight. Any troops deployed in the brush (all hills and the area between Meskanah and Karf Sabr) are hidden.

· Ayyubid commands are set up as follows

o Taqi Al Din on the Horns of Hattin

o Gokbori from the edge of the North hill back and as far over as Maskanah

o Sal al Din all along the Southern baseline up until the Horns of Hattin



Army Total 41 EE

Breakpoint 21

Raymond of Tripoli Irr Kn(O) T

14 EE, Break 5

C in C, Guy, King of Jerusalem Irr Kn(O)

14 EE, Break 5

Gerard De Ridefort, Master of the Templars Reg Kn(S)

13 EE, Break 5


Army Total 39 EE

Breakpoint 20

Sal al Din, Sultan of Egypt, C in C Reg Cv(S)

15 EE, Break 5

Taqi al Din, Reg Cv(S)

10 EE, Break 4

Gokbori, Reg Cv(S)

14 EE, Break 5