Nov 10, 1444

In this battle a force of Wallachians and Hungarians under King Ulászló of Hungary and Poland met a force of Turks 3 times it size command by Sultan Murad II. Before the campaign they had petitoned King George Brankovic of Serbia to join them. He refused leaving the Janos Hunyadi and Ulászló to meet the Turks with a Hungarian force with Poles, Genoese and Wallachian allies.

Initially the battle went well with attacks by the Akinji on the right flank and Sipahi on the left being repulsed by the Hungarian noble cavalry under Hunyadi. However Ulászló attacked with the infantry command prematurely and was repulsed by the Stalwart Janiassaries defending the Sultan. Cut off form his cavalry Ulászló died in the ensuing rout and the Turks turned the defeat into victory.

Despite the larger size of the Turkish army numercialy for this scenario they will be the same size as much of the Hungarian army was noble cavalry.



Name Type Points
Ulászló King of Hungary and Poland  (C in C) Reg Kn(S) 35
2 Polish Rycerz  Irr Kn(O) 20
4 Hungarian clipeati Reg Sp(O) 20
3 Bohemian handgunners Reg Ps(S) 9
2 Crossbowmen Reg Ps(O) 4
4 Hungarian Archers Irr Bw(I) 12
2 Genoese Pike Reg Pk(O) 8
4 Croat Archers Irr Ps(O) 8

Heavy Cavalry 

Name Type Points
Janos Hunyadi General Reg Kn(S) 35
1 Royal Household Knights  Reg Kn(S)  15
5 Hungarian nobles Irr Kn(O) 50

Light Cavalry 

Name Type Points
General Irr Kn(S) 22
5 Skelzers  Irr LH(S) 35
8 Cumans Irr LH(F) 32



Name Type Points
Murad II, Ottoman Sultan  (C in C) Irr Cv(S) 19
2 Qapikulu Reg Cv(S) 20
8 Janissary Archers Reg Bw(S) 56
4 Azab Bow Irr Bw(I) 12
3 Azab Skirmish Bow Irr Ps(O) 6
2 Bombards Reg Art(S) 20


Name Type Points
Karadsza Pasha, General Irr Cv(S) 19
4 Anatolian Sipahi Irr Cv(S) 36
5 European Sipahi Irr Cv(O) 35


Name Type Points
General Irr Cv(S) 19
18 Akinji Irr LH(F) 72