Engagement Near 12 mile creek

10 August 1813

The Engagement near 12 mile creek was an attempt by the American fleet under Commodore Chauncey to catch the British fleet under Sir James Yeo 6 miles off of 12 mile creek. The Americans ships, having been outfitted for diatance shooting, initially had the weather gauge and thought they could catch the British in irons where they could not use thier carronades. This game begins just after the untimely change in the weather gauge that shifted the winds to the British side allowing them to close with the enemy.

The two fleets start on opposite ends of the table with the British in the southwest corner and the Americans in the Northeast with the British facing west and the Americans facing north east. Wind starts blowing to the south west.

Special rules

All American ships fire long guns, none fire as carronade ships.

All British ships are carronade ships with the exception of the Wolfe which may fire either carronades or long guns.

Orders of Battle


Excel file.

Commander: Sir James Yeo

Front to rear- Wolfe (Flagship), Royal George, Melville, Earl of Moira, LordBeresford, Sidney Smith


Excel file

Front Squadron: Lt. Deacon

Front to rear- Julia, Growler(Flagship), Asp, Pert, Ontario, Fair American

Rear squadron (parallel to the Front Squadron)

General Pike (flagship), Oneida, Madison,  Governor Tompkins, Conquest