Battle for 60th Village

British and Canadian interventionists against Bolsheviks, May 1919

Converted to Kaiserbosh from the Gauntlet article by Mark Hannam in Gauntlet 13.

This is an action by the polyglot Syren force attacking the Bolshevik positions along the Archangel-Vologda Railroad in the month of May, 1919. One of the more memorable actions was an attack by the Kings Royal Rifle Regiments Special Company against several strong Bolshevik positions when they were leading the column commanded by the Canadian Colonel Leckie. The village at the top of the map was dubbed 60th village by the Interventionist forces in acknowledgement of their action this day.

In the scenario we will include the re-enforcements from the column behind the Kings Royal Rifles in order the balance the scenario. Historically only the advanced guard were engaged but this does not make an easy scenario for the British player


Bolsheviks may set up anywhere up the halfway entrenchment. British advanced guard set up anywhere up to the stream. The remainder of the British forces will arrive at the rate of d3 units per turn afterwards.

Objective is to capture the village and secure the entrenchments on the railroad within 18 turns or 3 hours of play - whichever comes first before the Soviet armoured train arrives.


Advanced Guard


12 choices plus battalion HQ. No more than 6 choices in advanced guard.


All Bolsheviks are rated as novices unless mentioned otherwise

8 choices plus battalion HQ