May 8, 1919

Taken from the account in At War With the Bolsehviks by Robert Jackson.

The battle of Korelska was an attack by Bolshevik forces on the First (Karelian) and Second (Russian) battalions of the Anglo-Slavic legion who although of poor quality were well officered. The Bolsheviks attacked in the evening of May 8 hoping to break the Legion before thier Canadian and British allies could join them. The attack was a failure for the Bolsheviks but it did cost the 1st battalion and officer of excellent quality.



Whites may set up 6" from the town towards Ostrenkhe.

Whites are Veterans while thier officers are alive, Green if they die. The whites may have 8 choices plus Lt. Col Moore. Each battalion also gets a major.

HQ - Lt. Col Moore plus 1 escort.

1st Karelian Battalion, Anglo-Slavic Legion

2nd Russian Battalion, Anglo-Slavic Legion


The Bolsheviks may set up anywhere from the hill back. They get 12 choices plus the HQ. All Bolsheviks are green.