Ottawa Miniatures Gamers Wargames Scenarios

Here are a collection of the wargames scenarios we have played at the OMG. The ones below are those that I penned myself - I hope to include those of other members soon. This is currently just a quick slap together -  I will be tidying this up periodically. The maps here are either drawn by myself or taken from

Nothing on this page should be used for any commercial gain without the permission of myself and all of those other sites and books I have taken images from. 

DBM Armies

Medieval (DBM/A)

Medieval (Fields of Glory)

Renaissance (DBR)

Great Northern War (Might and Reason )

Great Northern War (Polemous )

Napoleonic (Principles of War)

Napoleonic (Grande Armee)

Napoleonic (Polemous)

Napoleonic (Blucher)

Napoleonic Naval (Fire As She Bears)


19th Century (Principles of War)

American Civil War (Principles of War)

American Civil War (Fire and Fury)

Russian Civil War (Kaiserbosh)

WWII (Blitzkreig Commander)

WWII (Battlefront WWII)

WWII (I Ain't Been Shot Mum)

WWII (Troops, Weapons and Tactics)

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Updated October 10, 2007