Flanking the Gully, Dec 12, 1944

The advance to Pescara from San Leonardo in December of 1994 was stopped at a highly defensible position known as the Gully. With the assault on the Gully at a stalemate a decision was made to attempt a flanking attack to take the Germans from behind.

On December 12 at dawn 10th platoon of the West Nova Scotia regiment supported by a B squadron from the Ontario Tanks attacked the Germans as they slept. Historically the Germans were caught totally by surpise and the flank was taken with little difficulty. In this sceanrio we give the Germans a measureof a chance.

Special rules

All German troops are sleeping at the time of the attack. For a blind to become active it must be activated by rolling 8 or higher on 2d6, 6 if the Shermans are on the table. Troops by the farmhouse may not attempt to activate until fire has begun on the rest of the table. All inactive troops overrun by the Canadians are considered captured.


The Canadian 10th platoon and the Shermans may deploy anywhere on the righthand table edge and get a bonus blind each. The Canadian reserve platoons also start at the same point but cannot come on table until the blinds in front of them have moved. The Canadians get an initial stonk but this will alert the Germans to the coming attack.

German MMG is in the house German A/T gun is deployed anywhere between the house and the slit trenches. First platoon is in the slit trenches. Second platoon is behind them anywhere in the woods.

Order of Battle




Cards Initiative Dice (both sides)
0 1 2 3
1-3 4 5-6 7-8
Weapons stats
Vehicle Armour Weapon Strike Speed
Panzer IV H 6 8 Average
STUG III 6 8 Average
PAK 40 8
Sherman 6 7 Average
PIAT 6 (12" range)

Reference pp 192 Ortona by Mark Zuelke