The Savio River Crossing

San Giorgio di Cesena, Italy

21-22 October 1944

The Savio river was one of the main obstacles on the drive north by the Allies in Italy in 1944. In October after several days of heavy rain the Seaforth Highlanders were part of a Canadian brigade sent to secure a crossing of the river. The heavy rain had swelled the river 6 feet preventing support of the Canadian infantry by anti-tank guns or tanks.

The Germans had been fighting this crossing attempt for several days and in one incident sent 3 Panthers, 2 self propelled guns and 30 infantry to the Savio to drive off the unsupported Canadians in a night raid. Waiting for them were B company of the Seaforth Highlanders which included 4 tank killer PIAT teams sent forward to protect the unsupported infantry against enemy armour.

This scenario is somewhat speculative as I am unsure of the exact details of the Seaforths in the vicinity and the type of German self propelled guns. As some accounts mention Canadian machine gun fire this scenario includes a platoon of B company with the regimental Vickers guns plus the 4 tank killer teams. I am also choosing to leave out the mortars as the very boggy ground would have made them useless and reducing the infantry on both sides as we are assuming that they are engaged with each other off table.


There are two main features - the road at the top of the table and the river Savio both of which have sufficient bansk to acts as cover. The ground should gradually slope up from the river reaching its highest point at the road with a series of undulations and rocky outcroppings that will allow for a degree of cover.

There is also a new card type (Fade Into Shadows) which allows a tank killer team to go back to d4 blinds if they are more than 6" from an enemy that is not routing or destroyed. The scenario is at night so spotting sould be at -2 in all cases are ranges are increased by one range band.

The Allies win if they are not driven from the river bank, a major victory if they do so and take out 3 or more vehicles. The Germans win if they drive the allies off of the riverbank and win a major victory if they lose no more than one Panther.


Axis Allied Either
Blinds move Blinds Move Tea Break
Infantry with Grade 2 Big Man 3 Infantry Squads with Grade 2 big man Hesistant Troops
3 Panthers MMG 1 Rapid Deployment
2 Stugs MMG 2
Panzer Obergefreiter Grade 2 Captain Staples Grade 3
Vehicle Breakdown Sgt. K. P. Thompson (PIATS) Grade 3
Ammunition Shortage Pte. "Smokey" Smith Grade 4
Heroic Leader (Smith)
Tank Killer Bonus
Fade Into Shadows


B Company Seaforth Highlanders

Captain Anthony Staples (Big man)

2 Vickers MMGs

Infantry Platoon

Tank Killer Team


All infantry are rated Good. Tank Killers are Elite
2 (contact)


3 Panthers with one 5 man assault squad each (armed with MP40s).
2 Stugs
All infantry are rated good


Vehicle Armour Class Gun class Speed
Panther 9 12 Fast
Stug III F 6 9 Average