German Counter Attack at Woensdrecht

October 16, 1944

Canadians vs. Germans

Woensdrecht was the major battle the Canadians faced when fighting in the Schedlt in 1944. The Scheldt is the river that connected Antwerp to the sea and the liberation of the Sheldt towns was crucial to advancement of the campaign post D Day.

Initial attempts on October 13 by the Black Watch to take Woensdrecht had resulted in a bloody repulse. On the night of the 15th and 16th the artillery of 2nd Canadian division shelled the German positions in Woesndrecht in preparation for an assault by the Royal Hamilton Light Infantry supported by the tanks of the 10th Armoured Regiment. When the attack came the Germans had already vacated the town.

German counterattack continued for 5 days but in the end the Canadians inflicted enough casualties to force a German withdrawal. The Germans consisted of the 6th Fallschirmjaeger supported by Stugs and some Tigers. There was also a batteryof artillery but many of the spotters had been captured earlier in the week by Canadian patrols.

This scenario is somewhat speculative and involves an attack by the 6th Fallschirmjaeger with support from thier Stugs and some Tigers against the Royal Hamiltons supported by their artillery and the tanks of 10th Armoured.

The orders of battle I give are really the maximum values for any given scenario - as there were a series of attacks over 5 days you can easily scale this down to fit in a game small enough to run with your collection and time constraints.

Order of Battle


10th Armoured Regiment

Headquarters element

Sherman Squadron A

Sherman Squadron B

Sherman Squadron C

Armoured Recee Troop

Flame Tank Troop

Royal Hamilton Light Infantry


Company A

Company B

Company C

Company D


Off board fire support


Elements of 6th Fallschirmjaeger

Fallschirmjaeger battalion



Fallschirmjaeger Company A

Fallschirmjaeger Company B

Fallschirmjaeger Company C

Off board Support

Assault Gun Company

Heavy Panzer Company


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